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Tequila Tuesday: Rude Cosmo

I am back with an other #TequilaTuesday recipe for you. Today I am making a RUDE COSMO with Tequila Corazon! This recipe is similar to the classic Cosmopolitan cocktail, except it substitutes tequila for the vodka, making a more flavorful drink. You can also think of it as a cranberry margarita!


½ oz. Lime Juice

1 oz. Cranberry Juice

1 ½ oz. Reposado Tequila

Cointreau Wash

Orange Peel


In a shaker filled with ice combine Lime Juice, Cranberry Juice, and Tequila. Shake vigorously. Pour a bit of Cointreau into a chilled class and swirl to coat. Dispose of the remaining Cointreau. Pour in the mix from your shaker over your coated glass. Squeeze orange peel over your cocktail to release oils and run along the rim of your glass. Garnish with orange peel.


***We do not support underage drinking, excessive drinking, binge drinking or any other unsafe drinking behavior. Please drink responsibly and with moderation. We do not, under any circumstances, accept responsibility for any damages that result to yourself or anyone else due to the consumption of alcoholic beverages or the use of this site and any materials located on it.


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