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From her home bar to her favorite beauty counter, Marisol shares her picks of products and services with you. 


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Lucky Star Gin

When it come to gin, I prefer mine light on the juniper and strong on the citrus. This local gin from Coastal Bend Distillery is my favorite and never runs dry in my bar cart. 

Available at Coastal Bend Distillery


Olly Vitamins

Olly’s vitamins are delicious! They taste more like a sweet treat but have all the health benefits.

Available Here


Facial Roller

Be sure to pop this guy in the fridge as you’re getting ready for a night on the town. Once it’s nice and chilled, roll the fluffiness away. This rose quartz guy leaves you feeling like you just left the spa!

Available Here

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Sun Bum

I love being in the sun, though with my fair skin it may not look like it. The truth is I go from snow woman to lobster in 5 minutes. Sun Bum helps me protect my skin from sunburn and long-term sun damage.

Available Here



After a night out on the town, you body and skin are screaming for hydration. This tub of magic (from Neutrogena) is filled with hyaluronic acid and will leave your skin like those last shots never happened.

Available Here


bkr kiss kit

I sip responsibly, even when it comes to water. That means plastic for this gal. I carry my bkr with me everywhere I go. My kiss kit keeps my lips hydrated and smooch ready- the best part is that it is clean, hydrating, and vegan!

Available Here



Animal Print Maxi Skirt

I am so excited about the return of all things animal print. This skirt was the best travel companion for under $25! 

Shop my Amazon Accessories List for my favorite garments, jewelry, sunnies, handbags, scarves and more!


Shaker Kit

Want to mix cocktails at home like a pro? Channel your inner mixologist and impress your guests with this kit. 

Shop my Amazon Cocktail Essentials List for my favorite tools, mixers, and books to help you mix it up!


Skin Therapy Wand

I bought this wand for its antibacterial purposes, but I am keeping it for so many other perks. 

Shop my Amazon Beauty & Self Care List for my favorite skin care, beauty, and pampering products.


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