The Waterpark Ghost

In February of 2014 I got a new job at a local waterpark. I started during “off-season,” which meant that I was one of only five full-time employees in the entire place. I settled into my new very office, a shared space that came with a office mate, and began working away.

During the off-season, when the park was closed for the winter, the park seemed deserted. The water was drained from the pools, the lively colored umbrellas and décor were placed in storage, and the once lively atmosphere was rather eerie. With the waterpark located just off the 3rd third-largest port in the United States, it was not unusual to have the occasional unwelcomed visitor. The homeless community liked to wander in for private tours and look for shelter. When we walked the park in the mornings we’d often be stared down by some stray cats, on occasion you could find a crab, a snake, or a fox around a corner. There was also a racoon that made himself at home in our office, we named him Rocky.

He liked peeing on keyboards, spinning on office chairs, and eating snacks from our gift shop.

After a month or so of being at my new job, I heard shuffling noises from the other side of my office wall. The gift shop's storage room was just on the other side of my office, so I assumed my work-wife was moving inventory boxes around. I went over to see if I could be helpful, and you know… procrastinate on my own duties. To my surprise, I found her sitting in her office typing away and not in the stockroom. I explained the noises and we decided to check it out. Surely Rocky had managed to sneak in for snacks again, that chubster! But, we found nothing. No racoon, no boxes out of place, and no other door unlocked. We heard the motion sensor release the park entrance door, freaked the fuck out, and decided it was time to head out for lunch. A loooooong lunch.

Months later, the tension in my one very spacious office grew heavy. My office mate had a different standard for office cleanliness. Maintenance parts and tools started to fill my office at a rapid rate. The day I stubbed my toe on a wrench I lost my shit and an argument ensued. We began to raise our voices, but were instantly silenced as a pen from his desk suddenly flew, slammed against the wall (I MEAN FUCKEN HIT THE WALL HARD), bounced off, and landed at our feet. We looked at each other in shock and decided, it was a good time to get the fuck out of the office.

Whatever or whoever else was in there clearly needed some space and time to calm down too.

During the summers we’d have little to no activity, or perhaps it was just too busy and loud for us to notice. But during the off season, things would change and we’d start noticing some activity again. While we never actually saw anything, the office consensus was that "whatever" or "whoever" was with us felt like a young boy being playful and not malicious. Just some mischievous little guy who found it funny to open and shut random doors, trigger motion sensors, and hide small items. He became part of our new normal and when something happened and anyone questioned an odd noise, we'd nonchalantly explain "oh it was probably the ghost" as if it were a rational reason. When someone got loud we'd remind them "don't piss off the ghost." We got so comfortable with his presence that eventually we'd wish him good night as we closed the office down to go home.

One night after work, my work fam and I hung around the parking lot laughing and telling those great stories you only get when you work in the hospitality industry. After many laughs and too much water, I found myself having to venture back into the already closed down office to pee. The walk from the parking lot seemed eternal. Once I reached the management entrance door, I quickly disarmed the alarm and rushed straight into the bathroom, without turning on any lights. I was sitting on the toilet, with my pants and undies around my ankles, as vulnerable and exposed as could be, I began to hear music coming from my office.

At first, I thought I was imagining it. Then I tried to rationalize it- surely, I had forgotten to turn off Spotify before leaving for the day. Right? But then the music progressively got louder... and lounder... and even louder to what now sounded like a goddamn Nsync concert coming from my office! I grew more uncomfortable, scared shitless, and then pissed off- this had to be my coworkers fucking with me. I hurried about my business and rushed out of the office locking the door behind me. I said bye. bye, bye to that bull shit.

Angerly, I stomped off towards the parking lot taking inventory of everyone there. I wanted to know who was the asshole who decided to go hide in my office and scare me. To my dismay, I could see all my friends still standing right there where I had left them. Regardless of no one being missing, I went off on them. I ranted about how their little prank wasn’t funny and I would get them back tenfold. They looked confused as ever and reassured me, through many laughs, that it wasn’t them. They laughed some more and mocked me about having going insane and having an overactive imagination. Yet, no one dared to go back inside and check it out for themselves.

Things went back to our unusual usual. Just clicks here and there, door knob wiggles, and sometimes even giggles. We always stayed in the office in pairs, and nothing THAT bad ever happened again... at least not while I was working there. I am no longer at that job. I have not had any weird or inexplicable experiences in other of my offices since... well not of paranormal nature. But, I must say, out of all the co-worker’s I’ve had it, that little prankster was far from the worst!